like bumming but more electric (decor_noctis) wrote in down_the_disco,
like bumming but more electric

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Matt the Laugh

it has happened. i finally met my own Dave the Laugh. Named Matt. He's vair groovy-looking and full of hilariosity and i'm totally relaxed around him, ie non jelloid. One problem. He's 2 1/2 years younger than me!!! How unfair. Quel dommage, double merde and poo. need georgia to cheer me up, but my friends lent them....where did i put my library card...
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if only his name were Dave!

i do actually know a Dave the Laugh. a boy named Dave who is a laugh.

2 1/2 years younger, quite a shame.
i know! that'd be so cool. Wow, you have an actual DAVE the laugh. cool.
2 1/2 years, tell me about it. life is indeed a bitch.
Who cares about his age. If he's a laugh and makes you feel comfortable, then who cares. Plus, if he does nip libbling, it is nice. Just make sure he doesn't have the general or cosmic hron!
aww thanks. I'm actually in a relationship now (yay) so even though i still think Matt is vair groovy-looking and fun i'm not too bothered bout the problems that would arise with seeing each other. plus, he really does have the cosmic horn!!!