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I can cook too!

So it's Quinn! That's my name, I mean.

I'm a friend of That Girl Down There. AKA Britta. She's dumb. Or I'm smart. Either way I'm better. XD

I discovered Georgia... in Britta's little compartment above her locker. Here's the convo as I remember it.

Q(that's me): So I was all, "Cocoa-diss you be straight trippin' boo." and he was all... Oooh! What's that pretty thing!
K(that's Britta, duh.): Oh it's this book, that you must read! It's heelarious... It's about this girl named Georgia, who-
WQ; Yeah whatever, I'mstealingitgottagostudyhall! *books it down the hall like the beastly athelete she is*
K: Er... k? *walks sluggishly to science*

So. I like Georgia. Discuss.
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